MCollective Made Easy

Choria makes installing The Marionette Collective easy and secure for users of Puppet 4.

You could be up and running in under 30 minutes, Puppet compatible defaults means there is very little to configure.


The Puppet CA is reused for TLS connections and SSL based user authentication. Authorization and Auditing is set up out of the box and fully functional.

Batteries Included

A full featured Playbook system is included that can integrate systems like Slack, PuppetDB, shell scripts with a MCollective workflow to complete complex tasks.

Includes plugins to manage Packages, Services, File and orchestrate Puppet. Tightly integrates with PuppetDB and supports deploying Puppet Multi Node Applications.

Easy Connectivity

Relies on the easy to use and light weight NATS middleware to ease the pain of running a connectivity layer. Scales to thousands of nodes on a single server.

SRV record support makes deployment a breeze. Federations Of Collectives eases the management of large geographically distributed networks.

Getting Started



puppet module install choria/mcollective_choria

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