When running a playbook a report is produced that include things like all the inputs, every node set and statusses for every task.

When running on the CLI you can save this report to a local YAML file:

$ mco playbook run --report playbook.yaml

This will write a YAML file with a report with the following data:


Basic report metadata

Field Type Description
version Integer The report format version, currently version 1
timestamp Date UTC time when this report was produced
success Boolean The overall playbook outcome
fail_message String In the event of a unhandled exception you’ll get some message here


Basic playbook metadata

Field Type Description
name String The playbook name from the metadata
version String The playbook version from the metadata


Field Type Description
static Hash Hash of statically supplied inputs
dynamic Hash List of dynamic inputs

Currently dynamic inputs are not supported by the playbooks.

Static inputs are listed as a hash with the key being the input name and value the input value


Nodes is a hash where the key is the name of a node set and the value is a list of the resolved node names


A report for every task will be listed here, each report has the following fields

Field Type Description
type String The task type
set String The task set the task was ran in
description String The task description
start_time Date Timestamp when the task was started in UTC time
end_time Date Timestamp when the task was stopped in UTC time
run_time Float How long the task ran
ran Boolean If the task have been executed, probably always true if its here
msg String The output message from the task
success Boolean If the task passed or failed


Overall metrics for the playbook run with totals by type of task etc

Field Type Description
start_time Date Same as report timestamp
end_time Date When the report was finalized
run_time Float Total run time for the playbook
task_count Integer Number of tasks that were ran
task_types Hash Metrics per type of task

For every task type a entry in the task_types hash exist with these keys:

Field Type Description
count Integer How many tasks of a specific type was ran
total_time Float Time taken for all tasks of this type
pass Integer How many of this kind of task passed
fail Integer How many of this kind of task failed


Every log that would have been shown - dependant on the playbook log level - are included here, each log has these keys:

Field Type Description
time Date UTC time the log was produced
level String The log level
from String caller info for which ruby class and method produced the log line
msg String The message body