Open Policy Agent in AAA Service

Open Policy Agent is a CNCF incubating project that allow you to define Policy as code. It’s widely used in various projects like Istio, Kubernetes and more.

It allows you to express authorization policies - like our Action Policy - in a much more flexible way.

I’ve wanted to explore what is next for our general Authorization piece and I think this gets us to a very good place - and OPA have massive adoption so it’s always good to adopt widely used standards.

Using Open Policy we’ll be able to do a number of things we’ve never been able to do - but get asked about regularly:

  • Make sure requests have filters associated to avoid huge blast radius
  • Assertions based on the arguments sent to actions
  • Assertions based on other request fields like TTL and Collective

And just generally be much more expressive about it.

Read below the fold for our initial foray into OPA policies and what might come next.

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