Centralised AAA

Choria is a very loosely coupled system with no central controller and in fact no shared infrastructure other than a middleware that is completely “dumb”. What this means is there is no per request processing anywhere centrally other than just to shift the packets. No inventory databases, user databases or other shared infrastructure to scale or maintain - though several integration options exist should you choose to do so.

There are many reasons for this - in a large scale environment there are always things broken and automation systems should do their best to keep working even in the face of uncertainty. This design extends from the servers, middleware all the way to the client code. The loosely coupled design ensures that what can be managed will be managed.

This is generally fine and works within my design parameters and goals. For the client though in enterprise environments this is problematic:

  • Enterprises are heavily invested in SSO and entitlement based flows for permissions
  • Enterprises and regulated environments have strong requirements for auditing to centralized systems
  • Certificate management for individual users is a nearly impossible hurdle to scale

So today I would like to present a new extension point that allow you to fully centralize AAA for the Choria CLI.

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Limiting Clients to IP Ranges

The upcoming set of releases have a strong focus on security. We will introduce a whole new way to build centralized AAA if a site desires and a few smaller enhancements. One of these enhancements is the ability to limit where clients can be used on your network.

Today the security model allow anyone with the correctly issued and signed certificates to make client requests from anywhere on your network. This is generally fine as the certificates are not to be shared, however there are concerns that there might be rogue clients on your network perhaps outside of your update strategy or just as a form of shadow orchestration system. You could also have concerns about the fact that using just a server certificate one can read all replies the entire network sends that might contain sensitive information.

If you have this concern the upcoming version 0.10.0 of the Choria Broker will include the ability to limit what networks clients can come from.

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