Choria Server 0.9.0

Today I released version 0.9.0 of the Choria Server along with an update to the Ruby plugin for MCollective.

This is a significant milestone release that give us full support for custom Certificate Authorities including chains of Intermediates. The Choria Server Provisioner supports requesting CSR’s from nodes and supplying those nodes with signed certs and you can integrate it with any CA with an API of your choosing.

We’ve also fixed some bugs, tweaked some things and generally iterated ever forward.

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Puppet 6 Support

Back in July 2018 Puppet Inc officially announced that The Marionette Collective was being deprecated and will not be included in the future Puppet Agent releases.

This presented a problem for us as we relied on this packaging to install mcollective, services and its libraries. We would now have to do all this ourselves.

At the same time I was working on the Choria Server and giving it backward compatibility capabilities (still in progress to hit 100%) so we couldn’t support Puppet 6 on release day.

Today we published a bunch of releases and as of version 0.12.0 of the choria/choria release we support Puppet 6 out of the box.

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