Packet Tracing

As of MCollective 2.10.3 you can trace the network route that a message takes through your Federation.

Once you invoke mco federation trace it will publish a specially crafted message to the entire Federation that instructs it to trace the full path the packet takes through your network. It will then show the result in a hopefully meaningful way.

Federation Flow

The network diagram above shows a Federated Collective and how a packet might flow across the network. This is the pathalogical case where not one single part in the flow shares any infrastrcture. When doing a trace you will see output like this:

Federation Flow

Take note of a few things here:

  • The message took an asymetric route through the Federation Broker - Federation Broker Instances production:1 and production:2 were involved
  • The Federation Broker Instances shown are only the ones that can be inferred from the discovered route since there is no central registry
  • The list of known Federation Broker Clusters is influenced by your configuration and the CHORIA_FED_COLLECTIVE variable
  • Every NATS hop is unique indicating that no 2 components were using the same NATS nodes in the clusters

The output will adjust in cases where there is shared infrastructure to make this clearer, here is the above flow if production:2 Federation Broker Instance shared a NATS instance with the client and the node:

Federation Flow

The trace tool also support unfederated tracing, below is a trace for a client that connects to the london Collective directly without using Federation, this graph too will contract and expand depending on how much of the infrastructure is shared and if the paths are symetrical:

Collective Flow