August 2022 Releases

It’s time for a minor release of Choria and a few related components, not a huge release as we are preparing a big refactor but still some user facing improvements - especially to the recently added App Builder component.

New Election features

We’ve used leader elections for a while internally for various components, these are backed by Choria Streams.

In this release we added an choria election command, using this command you can:

  • Manage, view, evict elections and leaders
  • Designate a particular node as a leader by managing a file under election using choria election file
  • Run a command under leader election using choria election run

See the Election documentation.

New Governor features

Governors can traditionally only control maximum concurrent executions, use this to limit how many nodes are actively running Puppet for example.

With a small change we were able to make them support a mode of maximum executions per period.

Imagine you have 10 nodes running the same cron job, if you need the job to run only on one of the servers every hour - essentially creating a failover pool - you can use the new --max-per-period flag.

See the Governor documentation.

Go Versions

The Go team released 1.19 last night, this means going forward we will support only go 1.18 and 1.19. The tag v0.26.1 will be the last to work on Go 1.17.

Special thanks to Tim Meusel for his contributions to this release!

Choria Server version 0.26.1

Links: Changes, Release


  • Upgrade appbuilder to 0.3.0 with new template, report and write_file transforms
  • Allow in-process connections to nats from the brokers, used to optimise Streams bootup
  • Governors can control executions per period
  • Adds choria election with various admin tools and tools to run commands and cron jobs under leader election
  • Switch to a new more compact help template
  • Support signing JWT tokens using ed25519 tokens
  • Refactor protocol and security layers to start work on version 2 of the network protocol

Bug Fixes

  • Improved handling of ed25519 seed and jwt miss-matches during provisioning and startup
  • Improved detection of STDIN being JSON data, avoiding unexpected switches to flat file discovery method under cron
  • Improve reliability of managed autonomous agent cleanup
  • Force gzip compression on Jammy debs to improve compatability with other distros and mirroring tools

choria/choria version 0.28.2

Links: Changes, Release

  • Upgrade dependencies

choria/mcollective version 0.14.3

Links: Changes, Release

  • Improve facter support under PE

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