Transitioning Events to CloudEvents

When we first introduced our Lifecycle Events we mentioned efforts by to standardize a format and set of transports but that it was a bit early in their life to adopt it.

Cloud Events is now a CNCF Incubator project and they reached CloudEvents 1.0 which means there is now a standard to work around that is stable. A good introduction to the concept can be found in The CloudEvents Spec Seeks to Bring Uniformity to Event Data Descriptions.

Since then adoption of this format has exploded - a whole bunch of companies and projects support ingesting and routing CloudEvents, examples: with their event powered API gateway, OpenFaaS, Event Gateway, Oracle Cloud, Azure, Knative and many many more.

So for us the time is ripe to adjust the format of our events to support CloudEvents 1.0. As of the next release of the Choria Server the Life Cycle events and Autonomous Agent Events are all been transitioned to CloudEvents format.

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