Choria Configuration

Choria configuration, despite efforts with Puppet module and so, is still very challenging. Just knowing what settings are available has been a problem.

We tried to hide much of the complexity behind Puppet models but for people who don’t conform to the norm it’s been a challenge.

I eventually want to move to a new configuration format - perhaps HCL? - but this is a massive undertaking both for me and users. For now we’ve made some effort to give insights to all the known configuration settings on the CLI and in our documentation.

First we’ll publish a generated configuration reference in - for now it’s in the Git repository we’ll move it to the doc site eventually.

As of the upcoming version of Choria Server you’ll be able to query the CLI for any setting using regular expressions. The list will show descriptions, data types, validation rules, default values, deprecation hints and URLs to additional information.

choria tool config

And get a list:

$ choria tool config puppet -l

These references are extracted from the Go code - something that I never imagine is possible - read on for details on how that is done.

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