Choria Server 0.16.0

We had a release quite recently but I wanted to release a number of Scout related features to early adopters, these releases are mainly focussed on Scout but includes a few bug fixes and new builds for Ubuntu Focal (20.04 LTS).

The big item here is that we have integrated Goss into the Scout framework and it can now run validations regularly. See the Scout Goss blog post for details.

You’ll also notice a new agent - scout - on your nodes, this gives API access to interact with Scout checks on Choria servers.

Additionally, we are starting to work on our documentation for Scout, an initial cut of this is also published today, this shows our Puppet integration, Prometheus integration and a bit about the events.

Thanks to Romain Tartière for contributions to these releases.

Read on for the full details.

Choria Server version 0.16.0

Links: Changes, Release

  • Initial work on a Scout framework towards building a monitoring related distribution
  • Add a new scout agent and Golang client
  • Release packages for Ubuntu Focal (20.04 LTS)
  • Add helpers to parse complex data in generated clients
  • Include a snapshot of recent check states in published check events
  • Extract the generic result display logic from choria req into a reusable package
  • Support performing goss validation in the nagios autonomous agent
  • Restore the ability for DDLs to declare display formats for aggregate outputs
  • Add a choria scout watch command
  • Fix targeting a specific sub collective in the req command
  • Generated clients perform 2 discoveries per request
  • Improve using the supplied logger in generated clients
  • Avoid zombies when Ruby agents exceed their allowed run time

choria/mcollective version 0.10.5

Links: Changes, Release

  • Support setting policies for the scout agent

choria/mcollective_choria version 0.18.0

Links: Changes, Release

  • Support the scout agent in the choria discovery method
  • Copy scout DDL files

choria/choria version 0.18.0

Links: Changes, Release

  • Add choria::scout_checks helper
  • Support creating a gossfile from hiera

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