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Choria Scout is an effort to create a Monitoring Framework that builds on the capabilities of the Choria framework to create a modern, scalable and free cloud native monitoring system.

Scout is focused on maximal openness of data formats, licensing and packaging. Further, we try to make it as easy as possible to integrate with 3rd party systems by choosing open data formats and easy extension points.

Scout was introduced in 2 initial blog posts:

Keep an eye out for further blog posts related to Scout as we work on it.


Scout is a work in progress, today it features:

  • Framework level features in Choria Server that can run Nagios checks and perform remediation
  • Integration with Goss for regular deep node inspection
  • Integration into the popular Prometheus system to publish check overview state
  • Metric plugins that expose data to Prometheus
  • Publishes CNCF CloudEvents format messages about check statuses
  • Configurable using Puppet
  • Highly Scalable to 10s of thousands of nodes
  • Archives events in our Choria Streaming Server

In the future we plan to release a full new distribution of Choria called Choria Scout that will be easy to deploy and host on Kubernetes, self provisioning, self configuring and highly scalable. It will not rely on Puppet.