Choria Server 0.17.0

Today we have quite a bumper release with significant updates for Choria Scout and the first step in improvements for AAA Service managed clients.

We added numerous Choria Scout CLI tools - choria scout status, choria scout trigger, choria scout maintenance and choria scout resume. These allow you to manage a fleet of Choria nodes that are performing Scout checks.

$ choria scout status
| NAME                  | STATE | LAST CHECK | HISTORY                       |
| mailq                 | OK    | 1m20s      | OK OK OK OK                   |
| ntp_peer              | OK    | 1m32s      | OK OK OK OK OK OK OK OK OK OK |
| pki                   | OK    | 2m28s      | OK OK OK OK OK OK OK OK OK OK |
| puppet_failures       | OK    | 2m3s       | OK OK OK OK WA WA CR CR OK OK |
| puppet_run            | OK    | 24s        | OK OK OK                      |
| swap                  | OK    | 4m23s      | OK OK OK OK OK OK OK          |
| zombieprocs           | OK    | 2m23s      | OK OK OK OK OK OK OK OK OK OK |
| goss                  | OK    | 3m12s      | OK OK OK                      |
| heartbeat             | OK    | 57s        | OK OK OK OK OK OK OK OK OK OK |

The choria req utility got a new --table format option and all the result rendering code got extracted into a reusable package.

[rip@dev1]% choria req package status package=zsh --table
Discovering nodes .... 2

2 / 2    0s [====================================================================] 100%

| SENDER           | ARCH   | ENSURE           | EPOCH | NAME | RELEASE    | VERSION |
| | x86_64 | 5.0.2-34.el7_8.2 | 0     | zsh  | 34.el7_8.2 | 5.0.2   |
| | x86_64 | 5.0.2-34.el7_8.2 | 0     | zsh  | 34.el7_8.2 | 5.0.2   |

We improved generated Go clients significantly by allowing them to have typical progress bars, choria req like result formatting, result parsing helpers, improved logging and faster discovery. These features are show cased in the new choria scout commands that are built entirely by using abilities of the generated clients. We also significantly simplified the code for choria req by using the same features.

We have nice menu based zsh completion, you can generate a completion script using choria completion --zsh, we’re looking for a contributor who can build a nice moden bash based completion script as our old one is a bit long in the tooth.

Shout out to Romain Tartière and Mike Newton for their contribution

Choria Server version 0.17.0

Links: Changes, Release

  • Add a generic shell completion helper and support ZSH completion
  • Support NATS Leafnodes to extend the Choria Broker in a TLS free way specifically usable by AAA clients
  • Scout checks can have annotations that are published in events
  • Add choria scout maintenance and choria scout resume commands
  • Add a choria scout trigger command that triggers an immediate check and associated events
  • Generated clients can now set a progress bar
  • Prevent int overflow in time fields in some Scout events
  • Add a --table option to choria req and a new formatter in generated clients
  • Add a choria scout status command that can show all checks on a node
  • Improve the history presented in Scout events
  • Remove the concept of a site wide Gossfile
  • Allow multiple Gossfiles and multiple Goss checks

choria-mcorpc-support version 0.22.0

Links: Changes, Release

  • Support FreeBSD

choria/mcollective version 0.11.0

Links: Changes, Release

  • Add dash to the Mcollective::Collectives pattern

choria/mcollective_choria version 0.19.0

Links: Changes, Release

  • Support JWT based anonymous broker TLS

choria/choria version 0.19.0

Links: Changes, Release

  • Support multiple Gossfiles
  • On resuming a Scout check move to unknown not force
  • Support Scout check annotations

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