NATS 2.0 Based Broker

It’s been a few months since our last releases - usually we release monthly but there’s been a delay, today we’ll give you some background on why.

We’ve been very hard at work on adopting NATS 2.0 for the Choria Network Broker. NATS 2.0 was released 5th of June 2019 and represents a huge improvement in capabilities.

The major feature is around security, NATS is now multi tenant capable which means you can create secure isolated collectives in a Choria Network Broker. This is very exciting since our subcollective, while still relevant, was always quite hard to secure.

Additionally there have been a huge shift in networking capabilities allowing new ways to form super clusters and to extend your broker foot print globally. This will allow us to look toward other models of federation rather than our own Federation Brokers.

If you read further you will find much have changed and many new features are available, however for the typical use case nothing has to change. Everything keeps working and even old clients and agents will continue to function with no configuration of behaviour change. If you do not use these features or do not need them, there is nothing new.

The challenge for us in integrating NATS 2.0 into the Choria Network Broker is to map these new capabilities onto Choria use cases and make them configurable in a way that make it comfortable within Choria.

Completing this and making everything aware of these new features is a big undertaking, we’ve been focussing on the network broker in the present push. The code is successfully running on some of my smallest clusters - around 10k nodes - and where we identified problems the NATS team have been quick to help stabilize.

As always you can expect when we release this we’ll certify it to work out of the box on 50 000 nodes. As a bonus we have found that the new Network Broker is quite a bit faster than the existing one.

Read on for the gory details!

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