Provisioning HA and Security

The Choria Provisioner is a niche component that can onboard Choria Servers into a Choria environment without needing Puppet or other CM. I often refer to this as light-bulb mode, ie. a IoT device style on-boarding rather than traditional CM.

I’ve written in the past about this in Mass Provisioning Choria Servers for background.

Today I want to talk about upcoming changes to significantly improve this process from a security and reliability perspective and talk a bit about what is next.

Read on for more details.

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Introducing Choria Streams

Choria Broker is based on the excellent NATS Server technology, this technology has been instrumental to moving Choria from its MCollective roots where 1 000 managed nodes required a big hardware investment to where we are today with a $40 Linode being enough to manage 50 000 nodes in an easy to manage and run single binary package.

NATS Server recently introduced a new capability called NATS JetStream and today I want to show a bit where we are with making that available to Choria users as Choria Streams.

JetStream is a Streaming Server that uses a WAL to create an append-only log of messages. Messages get stored to disk or memory, can be replicated within a cluster and can later be consumed by different consumers using any of the 40+ programming languages supported by NATS.

By embedding this technology in the Choria Broker we enable a number of use cases around our Metadata processing features, Autonomous Agents, CloudEvents as produced by Choria Scout, and we also introduce 2 major new features: Choria Key-Value Store and Choria Concurrency Governor.

This will all be available in our upcoming 0.23.0 release.

Read the full entry for an overview of where we are.

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