About Choria


Choria is an ongoing project to create a new Orchestration System with roots in The Marionette Collective (mcollective). It’s part trivially installable mcollective and part brand new development of turn key end user features, new content and modernization.

Using Choria an Open Source Puppet user can be up and running with a scalable, clustered, secure orchestration system within 30 minutes. Out of the box it’s known to support 50 000 nodes on a single compute node while being secure by default, easy to maintain and production ready.

The Choria Project safe guards the investment users have made in The Marionette Collective through a compatibility framework capable of running mcollective agents.

Review the Key Concepts section to discover what you can do with Choria, its architecture and detailed overview of the project.

Additionally, for non-Puppet users Choria introduce new concepts in the IoT space such as ability to host Finite State Machines to manage anything unattended

Choria as an ecosystem is under active development - a full featured monitoring system based on Choria is being developed.

If you just wish to get your hands dirty and experience Choria first-hand please see our Vagrant Demo.


Choria users can be found in a few places:


This system is production ready but under active development. The project lives on GitHub.

Extensive performance testing has been done that showed the system to be stable at over 100 000 nodes. Getting to 50 000 nodes is easily achievable using a single middleware compute node.

New features such as Choria Scout and Autonomous Agents are under active R&D