Plugin Interface

All Choria plugins have to implement the same basic plugin.Pluggable interface that looks like this (godoc):

// Pluggable is a Choria Plugin
type Pluggable interface {
	// PluginInstance is any structure that implements the plugin, should be right type for the kind of plugin
	PluginInstance() interface{}

	// PluginName is a human friendly name for the plugin
	PluginName() string

	// PluginType is the type of the plugin, to match plugin.Type
	PluginType() Type

	// PluginVersion is the version of the plugin
	PluginVersion() string

And you need a function in your package that produces an instance of the above interface:

func ChoriaPlugin() plugin.Pluggable

Thus when you add your plugin to the plugin system like below in packager/user_plugins.yaml:


The system will call your myplugin.ChoriaPlugin() that should produce a plugin.Pluggable. An example of this can be found in the Golang MCO RPC compatibility layer.